Time Solution Cream (50g)

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CERAMINE Signature: Intensive recovery and calming management.

A gentle, non-greasy and moist skin recovery, anti-aging cream with concentrated patented ingredients that promote collagen formation & fibroblast growth at the same time, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It quickly heals the damaged skin and soften the skin texture, gives elasticity and effectively soothes the skin simultaneously, strengthens the skin barrier.

You can experience skin texture improvement in 7 days, recovering a youthful skin with skin regeneration. (It can be used after skin laser treatments)

*Suitable for dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin type.

*Suitable for all ages, including pregnant women and baby.


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Weight 0.225 kg
How to Use

1. Wash your face.
2. Apply Dual-Balance Solution Toner and/or your basic care management.
3. Take an appropriate amount of Time Solution Cream, spread and massage it on the skin.

*Apply in the morning and evening according to your skin type.


Calming & Regenerating Intensive Care:

Step1. Apply an appropriate amount of Time Solution Cream.
Step2. Apply Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract Mask.

7 reviews for Time Solution Cream (50g)

  1. Veronica

    做医美后最爱用time solution,肌肤修复超级快,一个晚上皮肤就修复了差不多70%,醒来后几乎看不出医美痕迹。棒棒哒😍

  2. Lum Wei Yee

    我是油性肌肤, 所以一直以来都不会考虑cream type 的moisturizer, 直到有次在onnimart直播看到这个产品再看到vivi板娘亮亮的脸决定试试, 现在完全被种草已经用着第二罐了, 如果你们也像我一样是油性肌肤可以放心下单, 补水修复效果真的很好

  3. Helen


  4. Pei Yoke Sam


  5. Shing

    开始用Time solution cream时觉得有点后悔为什么买它因为涂了感觉有点厚重而且可能涂了过量太润还导致生了几粒pimples。过后开始真真去深入了解这个产品就是去看Vivi 的Instagram highlight怎样用 这些哪些。过后我就试乳化方式和把分量减少 才发现它的好 。到现在 它已经成了我缺一不可的cream。偶尔皮肤会有红疹还很痒 我就会在这个部位早晚都涂上适量的time solution cream 结果好神奇 几天后就好了。所以出远门的话time solution cream 是我一定会带的一个cream 不管是护肤还是红疹用它就对了。它还是一款八个月以上的宝宝可以用的cream 所以可以想像它的成分真的是很天然无太多添加 。谢谢ceramine

  6. Phan Jenn Hai

    seriously I’m Ceramine super supporter. I love most of the product especially Time Solution Cream. I have sensitive plus very dry skin. This cream not sticky and just need apply a little up to face , you definitely will fell how smooth and baby-soft skin on your face. Meanwhile, you can apply it to baby who has eczema, it’s can help to cure eczema and remove even the scar. I am strongly recommend Ceramine’ product to my relative & friends.

  7. Sasha (verified owner)

    I love this cream so much, non sticky texture and make my skin more hydrated and smooth. Recommended !

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