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Dr. Hot Egg

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Ceramine Dr. Hot Egg is a skincare device with multi-functions with heating up to 42℃ that stimulates the HSP(Heat Shock Protein) of the skin. It promotes skin recovery and absorbs the active ingredients of skincare through electro-therapy, micro vibration, color therapy in red. Compact size of Ceramine Dr. Hot Egg is good for your skin at any time and places.

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Basic method to use

Please be sure to charge the product for at least 1 hour before you use it for the first time after purchase. In order to charge the battery, connects one end of a smartphone charger or the Micro USB charging cable supplied together in the package to the body and the other end to an external power source. (Chargeable USB port equipped in a desk top or laptop) It is recommended to use a charger with a capacity of D.C. 5.0~5.3V/500mA or larger when charging the battery. The product does not operate while it is being charged.


Power-on by pressing the button once
Power-off by pressing the button for about 1~2 seconds Power is automatically off when not using for about 3 minutes.

Use the device to the following orders.

Red On/Off : After power-on by pressing the button once, pre-heating is starting. (For 1~1.5 minutes), Red : Mode 1 is starting automatically right after pre-heating. (Red light on the button)
*MODE1- Facial mode operating Heating, Sine ion, Vibration, Color therapy etc.

Green On/Off : After MODE1 is activated, it turns to MODE 2 with Green On/Off automatically.

Green: If you push the power button one more time, MODE2 starts and operates for 5 minutes.
*MODE2- Lifting mode to be activated Rectangular ion, Lifting vibration, Color therapy etc.

State of button in charging

Indicates the status of power/mode button in charging
Red: It displays in charging
Green: It shows completely charged.

After use

Remove the residues of make-up of heating/micro vibration/ion head with the cloth, a cotton ball, a cotton swab etc. thoroughly after use.

* Caution
Do not put the product in water and wash it with the running water. Push the power/mode button about for 1~2 seconds to turn off and start to charge after use.

How to use the modes

Use the product after moving the mode switch to the mode you want to use. Be sure to insert your finger into terminal on the top when you use the product

MODE 1 – Heating + Color Theraphy + Massage Sonic wave + Electrotheraphy (Sine wave)
1) Completely remove the make-up of your face and body and then apply the CERAMINE cream to the skin.
2)Gently massage around the skin.
3) Operating time : About 5minutes

MODE 2 – Color Theraphy + Lifting Sonic wave + Electrotheraphy (Rectangular wave)
1) Apply the cosmetics including lifting, elasticity reinforcing elements.
2) Massage upwards along the jaw line and temples. Apply lightpressure to the “apples” of the cheek, the inner cheekbones, across to the edges of the face and then back around.
3)Operating time : About 5 minutes

Warranty (T&C)

CERAMINE DISTRIBUTOR (M) SDN BHD (CERAMINE Malaysia) warrants this product (CERAMINE Dr. Hot Egg) against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail/online purchase by the customer. Customers must present original purchase receipt/email as proof of purchase.

If the product has any manufacturing defects during the warranty period, CERAMINE Malaysia will repair it and restore it to normal operating condition. Defective products must be returned to: CERAMINE DISTRIBUTOR (M) SDN BHD office.

This warranty does not cover packaging, postage, freight, shipping, insurance or delivery charges. Before returning a product, please provide your name, address and contact number, describe the problem and attach a copy of the sales receipt or purchase email to admin@ceramine.com.my. Without this information, warranty work/claim procedures will not be initiated.

If CERAMINE Malaysia determines that the product is not defective and is not covered by the warranty or within the warranty period, CERAMINE Malaysia will return the product to you with postage at your own expense. The warranty coverage provided by CERAMINE Malaysia specifically excludes all non-electrical/mechanical accessories, accessories and disposable parts.

These items may include, but are not limited to, rubber cap, power cords and charging cable. Additionally, this warranty does not apply to any product that has been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, or under any of the following circumstances:
• Change or modify the product without the written permission of CERAMINE Malaysia;
• Repaired by an unauthorized party;
• The product is not properly maintained or operated in accordance with the operating manual, or the product is used for commercial purposes;
• Damage due to accident or neglect;
• Or, the product's serial number has been removed or defaced.

All implied warranties last from the time the customer originally purchased the product through retail sales or delivered time for the customer purchased the product through CERAMINE Malaysia online shop/our authorised sellers.

2 reviews for Dr. Hot Egg

  1. Liaw Heu Oon

    终于找到心心念念的美容仪,就是你 – dr hot egg! 都具备了微电流、微震动、红外线和发热的功能(除了射频),性价比高,方便携带。我是买来给我妈的,我也试用了一下,觉得那个温热很舒服,我直接就是放在眼睛和淋巴部位来回滚动。我觉得用一两次是没什么效果,所以必须勤劳坚持长时间用。

  2. Rowena

    买时我也怀疑我会不会持续用。事实是,它的效用让我爱不释手。只需短短几分钟,让皮肤越来越好,脸型维持完美的 V型。就算我旅行回来身体胖了,脸上还看不出,因为我出门都带着它呀。最喜欢热敷mode,身心的疲累都抛在脑后。

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